How can Foreigners Rent Homes in Singapore?

Inhabitants who are not Singapore citizens Singapore, permanent residents must have one of the mentioned below the pass.

  • A valid employment pass
  • Work permit such as an S-Pass
  • A student pass
  • A dependent pass
  • A long-term social visit pass

Passes you have must be valid for six months starting from the date of application. Apart from this, work permit holders from mentioned below sector must-have Malaysian nationality:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Processing

Note: Tourists are not allowed to stay as tenants.

If you are looking to rent out a flat or apartment to a company to accommodate its employees, then employees must meet the above criteria.

Rental Process and Rules

Renting private housing is one of the most practical options for most of the non-local residents that relocate to Singapore. Landed houses and condos offer a healthful lifestyle with comfortable lodging.

While searching for perfect home best meets your requirements and comfort even at best of times make you feel like finding a needle in a haystack. The condition is more pathetic if you are a tenant and don’t know where your search meets the best results. In this condition, hiring going for hiring an agent is one of the best options to consider. They use their expertise to find a perfect house for you and can negotiate on your behalf.

Next Steps

Once your property search and negotiation about price, contract period and deposit end, then a letter of intent needed to be organized by you as a requirement.

You can seek help from an estate agent for the letter of intent. Mentioned below must be covered by message.

  • Diplomatic or Repatriate Clause: it is essential to consider for tenants in case if you lost your employment or transfer to other company it gives you get out of jail free card. After you have lived for a year in a property, it’ll let you provide two months notice.
  • The “Good Faith” Deposit: the landlord will take ownership out of the rental market once you paid this deposit. Deposit amount is almost equal to one month rent. After signing the tenancy agreement is signed by deposit will become a part of a security or your first-month rent.
  • Security Deposit: it is equivalent to one month rent for every year, ensuring that you are leasing the property. Once tenancy agreement signed, you’ll pay this. Refund is done by the end of tenancy, as long as you haven’t caused any damage to property or broken, broken tenancy agreement terms.
  • The Terms of Lease: it refers to the outline of terms how long you’ll lease the property, there is an option to renew the lease (how long for), and necessary notice to leave the house.

Depending on renting a specific property, there may be additional items. It also includes whether furnished accommodations provided or not and any pertaining stipulations to those items.

After letter finalized, both parties will be able to sign the tenancy agreement.

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