Positive and Negative Aspects of Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs are becoming widely popular all around the globe among university students. Though there are some negative aspects, in my view, part-time jobs are more beneficial for the pupils.

Working Part-time gives the students an opportunity of earning some easy cash while providing real- life job experience. Students rely mainly on parental support and after all the educational expenditure it is impossible. For them to have anything left for other needs. Part-time work proves very handy in that regard. Similarly, it can teach them the fundamentals of a job which will be certainly beneficial in their future life once they start their real career. For example, when someone works somewhere, he/she learns to work within a schedule, how to work in a team or to work under presser. These abilities undoubtedly upgrades him/her as a potential employee.


On the contrary, Part-time job may provide some hindrances in their way of life. Firstly, it can be an interruption to their study. Working, few or many hours, can put stress on mind which may lead to both physical and mental exhaustion. As a consequence, perhaps study will be hampered. Moreover, there is a possibility of losing focus of study. Students will be more inclined towards money probably rather than their education. Another possible consequence of this practice is maybe less period of time for recreation. It is already proven that if a student does not have any time for relaxation, he/she will not be able to fulfill his/her full potential in terms of academics.

However, it goes without saying that this sort of job prohibits the heavy reliance on family and at the time, increases students self esteem. The feeling that I am capable of coping with the challenges offered by the real world lifts the spirit and boosts the confidence of a student manifolds. Besides, the family, burden with the high education expense load, can let a sigh of relief as the cost is now reduced. For instance, in a survey carried out by university of Houston, USA showed that an overwhelming 85% parents felt that they are much better off when their university going children are working.

In fine, I firmly believe that the students should be encouraged to do part-time job as its benefits outnumber its demerits greatly.

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