5th Grade Argumentative Essay Example

Topic: Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

Thesis Statement: The implementation of uniforms in school presents the dilemma of promoting discipline and equality but also potentially limiting self expression of students and imposing financial burden on the family demanding a careful consideration of inclusive decision making that strikes a balance for the educational institutes and the community.


This debate about the obligation of students to wear a school uniform has been going on for years, with strong arguments presented by both the parties. On one hand, the proponents of the school uniform argue that uniform creates a sense of equality, removes any superiority, peer pressure and enhances safety. On the other hand, the opponents claim that school uniforms are a financial burden on parents and limit the self-expression of students. This argumentative essay examples 5th grade student concerns and explores different  arguments to help the readers make informed decisions of whether or not they should be wearing uniforms in schools. We have framed the central question in the introduction of this essay that provides an overview of the main arguments for and against the school uniform. However, going forward we will be presenting with both the arguments pros and cons so that the reader understands the complexity of the issue and is instilled to think critically.
  • Argument 1 in Favour – Fosters a Sense of Equality

There is no doubt about the fact that the school uniform promotes a sense of equality amongst students, where each student is obligated to dress in the same manner irrespective of ethnicity, background or culture they belong to. When everyone is dressed in the same manner they decrease the chances of economic and social differences from surfacing amongst students. This is especially significant in schools with diverse students, because it reduces the possibility of discriminating or judging a student based on their clothing. When students are leveled on the playing field in terms of clothes that they wear, it becomes easy to foster positive relationships and develop a sense of harmony in the community. Such a sense of equality leads to a school environment that is both inclusive, harmonious and flexible where students can focus on their academics rather than the distracted by these issues.
  • Argument 2 in Favour – Reduces Peer Pressure

A uniform as the name suggests is about uniformity, it helps reduce the clothing induced peer pressure. In numerous schools, nonverbal social pressure exists where students wear expensive clothes, the underprivileged students feel the pressure to fit in or go with the fashion trend. Often, this kind of pressure gives rise to issues such as exclusivity, bullying and feeling of inadequacy. When a school requires students to wear a uniform, it frees them of this undue pressure to fit in and they can focus on academic and personal growth, without feeling socially burdened.
  • Argument 3 in Favour – Enhances Safety and Security

Enhanced safety and security of the students is another factor for schools who require wearing a uniform. When all the students are dress in a similar manner, the school staff and the security premises can easily identify individuals who belong to the school premises. This avoids potential dangerous and unauthorized individuals from entering the school premises. In case of emergency situations, it is easier to quickly account for students in a uniform, making sure that everyone is safe. Also, uniforms can be used as an identification tool that can be dangerous and are prohibited by the school, which otherwise can easily be concealed in a regular form of clothing.
  • Argument 4 Against – Limits Self-Expression

Critics believe that a school uniform restricts the students to express themselves freely. Several students find clothing as a way of expressing their interests, personalities, creativity and interests. Moreover, school uniforms make students feel as if they are limited by their ability to express themselves through choice of clothing. Such loss of self-expression may hurt the self-esteem of the student, eventually their individuality. Personal expressions and expressing creativity is significant for personal development. This is why it is argued that forcing the students to wear the same clothing everyday can limit them in terms of growth.
  • Argument 5 Against: Cost and Maintenance

One of the major arguments against the school uniform is the cost and maintenance. Families have to bear the cost of the uniform as an additional clothing since most of the schools do not provide it so it may be a financial liability for low income families. Moreover, keeping uniforms in good condition can be challenging, regular maintenance takes effort and money. This can be demanding for families, especially those who do not have a laundry facility at home or are unable to replace the uniform when it wears out due to limited resources. So there are always logistical and financial constraints related to uniforms which should be undertaken when making uniform related policies.

The Last Say

Lastly, whether the students should wear uniforms or not is a complicated debate since there are several external factors involved. The essay presents valid arguments for both sides: the ones in favor of having a school uniform argue that the uniform instills a sense of equality, decreases peer pressure and enhances safety whereas the ones against it argue that uniform is a financial burden for the underprivileged families and limits self expression. There is no doubt that uniforms create a secure and inclusive school environment but opponents’ concerns are concerning as well. Eventually, the decision to wear or not to wear the uniform has reflected its benefits as well as drawbacks. It is the responsibility of the school district to weigh the pros and cons, and keep everyone in the loop while¬† making a decision: students, parents and the educators.
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