7th Grade Argumentative Essay Example

Topic: The Impact of Technology on Youth

Balancing Connectivity and Mental Well-being

Thesis Statement: The influence of technology on young minds is a dual-edged sword, offering limitless connectivity and broadening educational possibilities on one side, while posing a significant challenge to safeguard the well-being of these young individuals on the other. It is crucial for these students to be mindful of maintaining a balance between mental health and technology usage.


Technology has become a crucial part of the youth’s life in this digital age. Given the exposure to smartphones and social media, Youngsters are more connected to one another than ever by being exposed to social media and smartphones. Where technology has its amazing benefits, such massive connectivity has its drawbacks as well.7th Grade Argumentative Essay Example

This topic on balancing technology and mental well being makes excellent argumentative essay examples 7th grade students can enjoy. This essay would be focusing on how technology has its implications on the  social and mental development of the youth today. It will also be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of these factors in the digital era.

Advantages of Technology for Youth

The biggest advantages of today’s era is that technology has exposed the young generation to several advantages. Offering access to a pool of information and knowledge through the internet, the young students can opt for different subjects, research for their projects have become super easy and they can expand their horizons and promote remote learning.

Technology has made the educational experiences more engaging and interactive. By using interactive software, educational applications, and digital textbooks, the students get to enjoy dynamic learning environments that can cater to their individual style of learning.

The most important aspect of technology is that it facilitates communication and connection. With the introduction of social media platforms, messaging applications and video calls, youngsters stay in touch with friends and family, locally and globally. This helps young people support existing relationships and develop new ones with valuable communication skills. Keeping the personal and professional growth expected in future, technology can provide networking and collaborating opportunities.

The Challenge of Screen Time

Technology brings several advantages but has challenges associated with it as well, screen time being one of them where an excessive amount of time is spent on devices. This increased screen time contributes to the lifestyle of sitting in one place with several health issues. Youngsters these days spend way too much screen time which has limited their physical activity and outdoor play. This new developed habit has given rise to numerous health concerns such as obesity.

Also, exposure to screens for a prolonged period can disrupt sleep patterns, the blue light emitted by tablets, smartphones and laptops interferes with the production of melatonin, which is a sleep regulating hormone. This is why many young people today are struggling to have a regular sleep pattern and have difficulty sleeping at night. A good sleep pattern is extremely crucial for mental and physical health. So interferences with sleep patterns may have dire consequences.

Impact on Social Development

Technology is like a double edged sword when it comes to social development. Allowing young people to maintain relationships and widen their social circle by facilitating connection and communication is a positive aspect. Social media platforms serve as a great source of support and a platform where one gets freedom of expression.

On the contrary, such advancement in the digital age may cause hindrance for social skills. The younger generation now prefers digital interactions instead of personal interactions, they unintentionally miss out on vital social experiences. This way they are unable to catch on non-verbal cues from a person and may not be able to build meaningful relationships that are a result of  face to face communication.

Cyberbullying is another negative connotation attached to the use of social media which is growing in concern. Online harassment is getting common which the young individuals are unable to handle and may end up in emotional distress, compromising their mental health and tarnishing their self esteem. In worst case scenarios, this may lead to anxiety and isolation.

Mental Health Concerns

From the head of the family to the toddler, we all are addicted to the constant presence of technology and whether we like it or not, it is affecting our mental health. There is a constant but undue pressure to maintain the perfect online image and match up to the social standards set creating unrealistic expectations and social pressures that lead to anxiety and stress, especially in young people. Since the young people’s minds are not mature enough to tell the reality from the fantasy apart, they end up comparing their lives to the unrealistic images presented by people on social media.

Eventually, they end up feeling inadequate, lonely and low on self esteem when they compare themselves to others on social media. Such persistent exposure to other people’s apparently perfect lives creates a distorted view of reality which these young minds are unable to understand.


As a counter argument it is crucial to understand that technology is not entirely harmful. When used carefully and responsibly, social media is a great platform to enhance educational opportunities, provide access to a widespread network of information and support social connections. Like everything else, excessive and unregulated use of technology has adverse effects. When used in moderation and in a balanced proportion, it is a powerful tool for today’s generation.


The above arguments conclude that the impact of technology on the young generation’s mental and social development is complex and multifactorial in nature. With a balanced approach technology offers great opportunities to learn, grow and enhance communication.

However, excessive and irresponsible use, technology poses a significant threat. Encouraging a balance with technology is key where educators, parents and the young generation play a significant role in managing the use of technology.

By acknowledging the advantages and understanding the challenges of the digital age, we can bring forward a generation that can benefit from the technology and simultaneously protect mental and social well-being. The key is to use technology as a tool for exposure and personal development and not let it control our minds.

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