3 Argumentative Essay Examples for High school

Simple Argumentative Essay Example for High school # 1:

Topic: Should High School Students Have Homework Over the Weekend?

Thesis Statement: The practice of educational institutes assigning homework to high school students is a debatable issue and must be evaluated extensively to take into account the potential benefits of reinforcing the concepts and striking a balance to respect personal space of the students.

Are you looking for ways of how to go about writing a simple argumentative essay? Worry not, you will find a lot of free argumentative essay examples for high school over the internet. To facilitate you, this is a simple argumentative essay example for high school that would work as a guide for you to write one.

Argumentative essays are a form of writing where the author presents a perspective on a topic, then uses logical reasoning and evidence to persuade the reader and share their views on the topic. The main objective of an argumentative essay is to convince the readers by validating the position of the author on a subject that is debatable or controversial.Simple Argumentative Essay Examples for High school

Homework is one such topic in the educational settings and households that is a continuous debate. Of all the issues that revolve around the topic of homework, one particularly stands out: whether or not high school students are burdened with homework and assignments over the weekend?

This essay would take into account a series of comprehensive arguments that are in favor of the idea that students should be given homework and assignments over the weekend.

Maintains Momentum and Academic Continuity

Assigning homework over the weekend is crucial to maintain the momentum of study and academic continuity. It is a fact that learning is continuous, not stagnant. The learning process is not bound by strict schedules. The objective behind educators assigning homework over the weekend is to revise and retain the knowledge that they have gained during the week.

Reinforcement is a crucial step for retention of knowledge and maintaining academic momentum. Once the students have done the revision over the weekend, they will be better prepared to absorb new information the following week.

Homework is always an opportunity for the student to review, practice  and validate the concepts that they have learned so far. When they revisit the class material taught during the week over the weekend they are more likely to remember the concepts with better understanding. Such good retention of concepts will ultimately lead to good performance in the tests and the exams.

Improves Time Management

Weekend homework is pivotal to practice time management if you struggle with it. Given the fast-paced world, time management is a life skill that everyone should learn and value. With weekend homework, students learn to allocate time to different activities scheduled for the weekend such as studying, extracurricular activities and for enjoyment. This skill once learned would not only help students with their academic life but is a step up in their professional lives as well. This helps them in multitasking, handling responsibilities and meeting deadlines.

High school students have busy lives and hectic schedules. During the week they attend lectures, participate in extracurricular activities and of course need some time to themselves to relax and socialize. It may sound easy, but juggling between their tasks and responsibilities can be overwhelming. So when the weekend arrives, doing homework seems like a manageable task where students can allocate some of their time to revising concepts.

However, when assignments are given to students that are due over the weekend, they are faced with a realistic deadline where they need to prioritize. They need to decide how they want to manage time from Friday through Sunday. If the assignment is complex in nature, it may require more time, so they learn how to manage their time accordingly. By doing so, the students learn to structure their days in the most efficient manner so that they make time for both study and leisure. This habit of time management converts to a skill when used in practical life, other than the academic engagements.

As they gain experience, students get better at handling different tasks without feeling burdened or overwhelmed. Weekend homework when judiciously done does not only benefit academically, but it acts as a foundation to becoming responsible, organized and effective time managers. Navigating through these small assignment tasks, students learn to smoothly sail through their busy lives and step into the practical world with confidence.

Responsibility and Accountability

Another key advantage of weekend homework for high school students is that it instills a sense of responsibility and accountability. This too, like the above mentioned factors is not limited to academic success only but once learned, serves as life skills that go beyond the settings of a classroom.

When the students are assigned work to be completed over the weekend, they are entrusted with a responsibility which they are obligated to fulfill in the most efficient manner to meet the deadlines. Trust plays a pivotal role here because it puts responsibility on the student to take ownership and complete the work. This sense of responsibility and ownership is a powerful motivator for the students to teach them accountability for their academic progress.

As students learn to manage the workload of assignments and homework over the weekend, they also learn to be accountable for the results, good or bad. They learn that their actions have real life consequences and rewards which go beyond the boundaries of a classroom that they are solely responsible for in case of failure or success, respectively.

Another key learning point for students is their ability to work independently. In a classroom, there is a teacher to monitor and guide whereas weekend homework is self regulated. Students learn to organize their homework, get the necessary material and complete the assignment as per the given instructions. This approach is key to instill self-reliance into students.

Improved Performance

Weekend homework plays a crucial role in boosting the academic performance of high school students. When students get homework for the weekend, they get the opportunity to practice and reinforce the learnings through the week. This practice is directly linked to improved performance in class with better test scores and overall class achievements.

One of the major advantages of weekend homework is that students get a chance to revisit their lectures of the preceding week and consolidate the knowledge. When the students touch base with the material learned in the past week they get to reinforce their concepts, understand them better and retain the information for the long term in their minds. The concepts that seemed challenging during the week can become rather easy with practice over the weekend. This way, the students also prepare themselves for the coming week and are better equipped to participate in class discussions, engage in complex topics and achieve high scores in assignments.

Also, revisiting the lesson material over the weekend gives students a chance to highlight topics that they find challenging or are struggling to complete. In such a scenario where the student has difficulty completing the task, they can seek additional support from their teachers, peers or educational resources for better clarity. This way the student learns to address their fear and understand that they can overcome these difficulties by putting in the right effort with the right resources.

Research shows that the students who complete their homework assigned over the weekend are more capable of performing better in class. They tend to score higher on tests because they have developed a better understanding of the subject matter which leads to enhanced performance overall. It is wise to consider weekend homework as a valuable extension of practice that provides students with an opportunity to level up in their studies.

Preparation for the Future

Weekend homework offers immediate academic benefits, but it also plays a significant role in prepping high school students for the challenges they will be faced with in the future. The skills and lessons that they learn through the weekend homework is not confined to the class only but in fact go way beyond to help them get over challenges that the future beholds.

1. Manage Time Efficiently

As mentioned earlier, weekend homework helps students to better navigate through their time, which is a skill that is significant to be successful in any field. Students who are capable of managing time efficiently can handle complex tasks and difficult situations in college, workplace or personal life.

2. Discipline and Responsibility

Weekend homework instills a sense of discipline and responsibility, students learn to work around commitments and meet deadlines. This sense of responsibility once gained goes beyond the high school years and comes in handy when these students step into the professional life where they have to meet project deadlines and fulfill professional obligations.

3. Ability To Seek Support

There are a lot of times when a student faces academic challenges, it is very important to seek support when needed. Stepping into the future, these students will become professional individuals who would need to collaborate with peers and seek guidance from seniors, so this ability to seek support would help them overcome obstacles and challenges. High school students who have been trained to seek assistance when they were assigned weekend homeworks are in a better position to navigate through similar situations when faced with them as adults.

4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Weekend homework is also known to encourage students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students need to apply knowledge and skills to think creatively and solve problems independently. Once developed, these critical thinking skills are a key asset in solving real-life problems both personally and professionally.

5. Strong Work Ethic

Weekend homework fosters a strong work ethic where students realize that in order to succeed in life, consistency and perseverance is key. Students who develop a strong work ethic in high school are able to achieve goals in a timely manner and excel in any field, be it the pursuit of higher education, exploring the job market or achieving personal goals.

Counterargument and Rebuttal

In any argumentative essay, it is key to consider counterarguments. When you present the reader with a clear and persuasive perspective, acknowledging the opposing views simultaneously effectively arguing them would make your argument powerful overall. Counter Arguments are a sign that you have thoroughly researched the topic and have weighed in the advantages and disadvantages. This not only improves credibility but also helps appeal to a broader audience, including the ones with opposing views.

In this argumentative essay example for high school students, the benefits of the weekend homework are explained in detail. It is also important to take into account the opposing view that high school students should also be exposed to a homework-free weekend to relax and enjoy. There is no argument against taking some time off, how important it is to relax and give your mind some homework free time. The key to achieving that is moderation. Homework for the weekend should be meticulously designed in such a manner that it does not overwhelm the students and they do not feel burdened. The weekend homework should focus on manageable assignments so that they are able to smoothly balance work and leisure.

It’s a Wrap!

Finally, it can be concluded that weekend homework for high school students is a valuable practice that has a lot of advantages for students. This practice ensures consistent learning with time management skills, being responsible and accountable for enhanced academic performance.

Although relaxing is important, striking a balance over the weekend with some homework is a smart approach to make sure that the students gradually equip themselves with key skills for a better academic and professional future. This practice will make these students become more capable individuals who strive for success in a responsible manner since they equip themselves to cater the challenges and opportunities alike in the future. Consider the weekend homework as a training ground to prepare the high school students for the professional world.


Fun Argumentative Essay Example for High school # 2:

Topic: The Case for Adding More Enjoyment to High School

A Fun-tastic Argument

Thesis Statement: High school should be a fun-tastic experience that is a blend of learning and enjoyment as learning in an fun environment improves student engagement and enhances the overall academic performance and well-being of the students.


You may come across quite a lot of argumentative and informative essay examples for high school when you start looking for one in the massive world of information we know as the internet. Let’s go through this one and see what it has to say about having fun in high-school.fun Argumentative Essay Examples for High school

High school has always been known as an educational platform loaded with heavy textbooks and exhausting schedules. It may seem like a place that is scarce in fun activities and is short on enjoyment. What if we were to argue that making high school fun and enjoyable would actually be good for learning, promote well-being and help achieve higher grades?

This is a fun argumentative essay example for high school, which will act as a sample to guide you so that you can write one yourself. In this essay, we will argue and make a compelling case for why high school should be inclined towards fun and enjoyment.

  • Reconnecting with the Joy of Learning

High school should be a place where students should be eagerly waiting to attend the classes. Letting go of the traditional teaching methodologies, the joy of learning can be instilled in students by teaching them with more zeal, where lessons are more interactive and the curriculum is more engaging. By making learning fun, students will be encouraged to be more active and take interest in their education actively.

Research shows that students who learn through fun are more capable of retaining the information. May it be exploring the literature world through dramatic role plays, gaining hands-on experience with science experiments or using educational aids such as the abacus to make Mathematics fun, the element of enjoyment will always foster the love for learning.

  • Reduction in Stress and Anxiety

The students of this era face immense pressure and stress primarily because of the fast paced world and partly due to the academic expectation in high school where competition is fierce. By introducing fun elements, students would get the much needed relief from the stress that has been piling up for years.

High school students must be equipped with resources and techniques to manage anxiety. Teaching how to be mindful of things is one way to go about relieving stress. By becoming a place of comfort and solace, quality time spent at high school can allow students to pursue their passion.

  • Nurture Creativity Through Fun Learning

Creativity thrives in a fun learning environment, high school should not be limited to academic subjects strictly but in fact it should focus on creative subjects as well such as arts, theater, sports, music and related extracurricular activities. Providing high school students with opportunities of learning with fun and then encouraging them to participate leads to well rounded education and personal growth. When the students get a chance to express themselves through creative ways, they become more invested and confident.

  • Fostering Social Bonds

High school is an amazing platform to build social skills and friendships. The friends you make and the peers you study with today will be professionally placed in different fields and positions tomorrow. So the contacts you make during this period would help expand your social circle in the future. And it’s always good to have contacts in multiple places.

In high school when students are exposed to the opportunity of participating in different extracurricular activities, the students get to connect with one another over shared interests. Numerous clubs, sports, historic role plays, art classes and drama serve as a platform where friendships are forged in a supportive environment.

  • Preparing for a Balanced Life

Life is not about work and responsibilities, it also needs some joy and contentment. High school is an ideal place where students can be introduced to the phenomenon and are educated about the significance of balance in life. When the school promotes enjoyment, they teach students a life skill, how to find joy in life, while working and while relaxing. The high school students learn how to balance the responsibilities.

Counterargument | The Value of Rigor and Discipline in High School

While advocating for joy seems fun in high school, it is imperative to consider the counterargument that high school’s primary focus should be on a discipline that is needed for a well-rounded education.

  • Preparing for the Real World

High school is a stepping stone for college that is crucial for when you enter the professional world and get a chance to manage the workforce. It is important to equip the students with time management skills, should be aware of how to be disciplined and should have a strong grip on work ethics. These skills and qualities are important to be successful in the practical world.

  • Challenging Academics Build Resilience

The challenges that high school presents in academics helps students build resilience and encourage problem solving skills. While enjoyment has its own space in life, it should not overshadow the importance of the curriculum that is designed to prepare students for the practical world where college or the workplace is more demanding.

  • Encourage Responsibility

Sense of responsibility is something that is taught to students early in life, high school is an ideal time to do so. The students should learn how to balance between fun and responsibility, they should be aware of the fact that whatever they do their actions will have consequences which they have to face as an individual.

  • Competitiveness and Standardized Testing

The educational landscape today is extremely competitive give the standard tests and college admission criteria. High school is a stage where students are prepared and equipped with knowledge to take these challenges head on. This can only be achieved if we stress upon the significance of commitment and dedication.

  • Finding Enjoyment within Challenges

There are ways to steer through academic challenges and have fun as well. High school educators can incorporate creative ways of teaching and introduce related projects and assignments within the curriculum without compromising on the rigorous studies.

The Final Say

High school should strike a balance between academics and enjoyment. As much as fun and creativity are good for a healthy mind, they cannot overshadow the learning of life skills such as discipline, responsibility and work ethics.

The case in argument to add more fun to the high school is not frivolous but the need of the modern educational system. High school should be a place of joy where students are nurtured and prepared to face the challenges in life, but teaching their minds to be reactive and build a social circle is equally important.

The solution is to go with a well rounded high school curriculum that equip the students to navigate smoothly through the complexities of the world. By making the high school experience fun and memorable, we not only prepare them for the challenges of the future but teach them the importance of cherishing the present as well.

Education should be a wonderful and delightful journey. It’s high time we understand that and make high school a fun-tastic place for the students to learn, grow and find joy in every moment.


Short Argumentative Essay Example for High school # 3:

Topic: The Impact of Social Media on High School Students

Balancing Connectivity and Well-Being

Thesis Statement: The social media has impacted the high school students as a double-edged sword that benefits the youth with unparalleled connectivity while challenging their individuality by influencing their interpersonal relationships and affecting their self-esteem and mental health.


In the modern era today, teenagers have been greatly influenced by social media. Social media has immense exposure, it is a

short Argumentative Essay Examples for High school

 platform where diverse people connect, express themselves, and exchange information. Social media has its benefits but the influence it has on the emotional and mental being of high school students has raised quite a lot of concerns.

This is a short argumentative essay example for high school students and the influential role that social media play in their lives. Getting a grip on the complex dynamics of social media and its popularity amongst teenagers is imperative to strike a balance and instill healthy relationships with such empowering online platforms.

Connectivity and Community Building

Social media acts as a bridge between high school students and the global community. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook provide teenagers with an opportunity to connect with like minded people, share common interests and build a supportive community. This sense of belonging to a community allows high school students to engage in meaningful discussions to make a difference in the world surrounding them, positively.

Influence on Mental Health

There is no doubt that social media builds connections, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the brains of these high school students with such fast paced connectivity, their brains are not ready yet which is why it takes a toll on their mental health. The fear of missing out (FOMO) on things contribute to low self-esteem, self-doubt, depression and anxiety amongst teenagers. This is why it is significant to take into account the negative impact of social media and encourage healthy behavior online.

Educational and Informative Platforms

Social media is extremely powerful, it is not about leisure only, it is an educational tool, if used correctly it is very beneficial. Educational platforms such as YouTube offer valuable information, tutorials and knowledge about different subjects. High school students can use these resources to broaden their knowledge, explore diverse views and have access to educational material that helps them in their academic learning, growth and intellect.

Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

The feature of anonymity that social media provides may lead to a toxic environment where harassment and cyberbullying thrives. High school students are naive and may fall victim to cyberbullying leading to emotional distress, isolation and self-harm in extreme cases. It is vital to have online safety measures in place where these teenagers can seek support when faced with a difficult situation such as online harassment or abuse.

Addictive Nature

The way social media is designed is very addictive, the likes, the comments, the notifications keep the users engaged and interested. High school students are quite prone to this addiction since they spend hours scrolling through their feed. This addiction disrupts the routines, negatively affects the academic progress and contributes to a sedentary lifestyle.

Establishing healthy screen-time limits and engaging high school students in offline activities such as sports or having hobbies can help balance the virtual and the real world.


When teenages navigate through the social media world, they require healthy boundaries and a balance between academics, connectivity, safety and mental well-being. By keeping in view the positive and the negative effects of social media, high school students can be mindful of how they want to engage online and benefit from the digital world that encourages creativity and inclusivity.

There are several examples of argumentative essays for high school and each would educate you about the pros and cons of social media. It is essential to proceed with caution because while it has numerous advantages such as connectivity it can also impact the safety of high school students by invasion of privacy.

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