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Hunting is a sport everyone likes and enjoys. Hunting can be described in several ways. Hunting can be a game but mostly is used as a food source. There are several kinds of hunting. Deer, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, hog, duck and alligator hunting. Hunting can be stressful sometimes, but it is mostly relaxing. It is very quiet. The best place to take a nap is while you are sitting in the stand. My favorite type of hunting is deer hunting. When hunting with a bow it is important that you shoot the target in the correct spot and range. If you accidently shoot the target in the wrong spot it can damage or spoil the meat. A compound bow or crossbow can be used when hunting deer and turkey, but both are very different although are similar in a several ways.

Bow vs. Crossbow comparison essay

A compound bow uses a levering system with cables and pulleys to bend the limbs. A compound bow can cost anywhere from 500 to 1,000 dollars. Compound bow arrows can be from anywhere to 50 to 100 dollars. This does not include buying the bow. A compound bow is a lot lighter and is easier when using to shoot in the stand. Although it is lighter, the compound bow is usually harder to shoot and requires a lot of practice and a steady hand. When shooting a compound bow, you are more likely to miss than you would if you were to shoot a cross bow. On a compound bow the power stroke is 25- inches, much longer than a cross bow. This means that the bow is delivering the maximum amount of kinetic energy and power it can. A compound bow ranges between 50 to 70 pounds. A compound bow can shoot an arrow over 1,000 feet but when hunting it is best to stay within 30 to 60 yards same as with a cross bow. Safety is very important when it comes to hunting. Both the compound bow and the cross bow are equally safe. Each has the same number of fatalities and injuries. Hunting comes with a lot of responsibility and maturity. If you are careless it could go bad. It could be something as easy as a string on a bow popping back on you or messing your bow up because you are not sure how to use it properly. It is definitely nothing you should play around with. Both the compound bow and cross bow are weapons. The bow and the cross bow are both similar because they are both very quiet. The compound bow is probably the quietest out of the two bows.

A cross bow can have a wood or metal support with a groove for the bolt and a mechanism for drawing and releasing the string.  When shooting a cross bow is very similar to a rifle. Most hunters prefer a cross bow over a compound bow just because you have to aim and pull the trigger with a compound bow you have to pull back the draw weighted arrow, aim and then let it go. A cross bow can cost anywhere from 1,000 to 2,999 dollars. Cross bow arrows can cost anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars. Cross bows are a lot heavier than a compound bow. When shooting a cross bow, it can make it one thousand times harder because its heavy harder to hold still. A cross bow weighs between 150 to 175 pounds and some can weigh up to 200 pounds or more. Although its heavier you still have a better chance shooting something with a cross bow because it is easier to aim. When learning to shoot a cross bow it usually takes very little practice because you do not have to pull back the arrow with the strings. The cross bows power stroke is 14-inches way shorter than a compound bow. A cross bow can shoot up to 500 yards if you do not care about hitting a target but when hunting it is best to stick around 60 yards. This bow is quite but it tends to make more noise because of the stored energy of the bow generates vibration when the string is loose.

            In order to use the compound bow and the cross bow you have to have a hunting licenses and must be above 14 years of age. Both the compound bow and cross bow are both great to use when hunting. I personally enjoy using a cross bow just because it is easier when not having a bunch of arm strength. I prefer a cross bow because they are the easiest to shoot and easiest for me to aim. When hunting it is important to know about what you are shooting with and what fits you best. Hunting comes with a lot of rules and safety but is something you will never forget in your life. It is full of fun experiences and memories you will never forget.

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