City Vs. Country Life

Two Different Worlds Whom Made Me

I have only lived in two places in my short existence. One was a beautiful little piece of country that offered sweet solitude and peaceful sights as far as the eye could see. The other was less obviously beautiful and peaceful, but more hustle and bustle of the city. Growing up in a town that was so redneck country that the closest store was actually just a gas station owned by your real life uncle, and your normal mode of transportation was hopping in the bed of a pick up truck. We spent our days outside through every season playing in the sun and helping our parents in the garden. Then one day we uprooted our entire lives for the better of the family and moved to Flowood a few hours away. We learned an entire new way of life and the amount of opportunities were endless. The city was busier yes, but also it had its own concealed beauties with all of its own wonderful memories that would come.

Living in Holcomb was extremely difficult. It could have been because we were not as financially stable as we are now. Our main source for food and other needs  resulted from our garden, animals, and pretty much anything you could buy from your local “mom and pop” country stores. When we came to the point of needing any household necessities, we would have to drive forty-five minutes to an actual grocery store in Grenada. As for activities, there were not many things to go, do or see because we did not have many choices. Most of our time was spent by a lake fishing or outside chasing the chickens. Essentially, without much shock, the country was mostly only great for scenery and being outdoors.

Along with it being difficult to find something to do on any given day, finding a long-term job was also a task in itself. Any local job would only cut it if you happen to have to only provide for yourself. Attaining a job that would “bring home the bacon” so to speak, would most likely require going out of town or settling for a factory job. Unfortunately, factory jobs would typically be filed under killer hours and back-breaking work. Despite the purest form of beauty that is bestowed upon us by Holcomb, it really does not have much to offer.

Adversely, it is not particularly difficult to find a job in the city. Also, there are still spots in the city that are secretly just as breathtaking. There is nothing like an empty field especially if it just rained and you happen to own a truck or off-road vehicle. The stars are not as bright at night, but there are still fireflies that hide in the darkness of the trees. Also, with some peaceful spots hidden away job fairs are pretty common with plenty of availability. Essentially, if you need a job in the city and keep a go get ‘em attitude then the world is your oyster.

The city and the country can both be incredible in their own ways. The pros and cons between each other balance quite imperfectly perfect. There is definite and undeniable beauty in the country and the city, but the country is much more peaceful. The city can be very busy whereas the country is hardly ever fast, unless of course you count the driving on back roads. Truthfully back roads are another common ground, no matter where they are most everyone drives like a lunatic at full speed whipping around every corner with music blasting. Generally, when one thinks of the country the words that come to mind are quiet, peaceful, and wide open spaces. They would be correct, like stated before there is not exactly a lot to do unless you count the annual events that happen for general holidays. In the city there are countless events to attend, new hobbies to try your hand at, and if all else fails the reservoir has so many possible things to consume your time.

Holcomb is so off the grid that hardly anyone has ever even heard of it, but mention Jackson and everyone has at least a general idea. Though the two share similarities and differences, it almost felt like two different worlds. When we first came here it felt almost like I was an alien. I had a different accent, perspective on what life should be like, and all together a very different person. Currently the influences of both places have shaped my outlook and have made me see the world differently. The miles of fields, irreplaceable skies day and night will always be a vision of tranquility. The hustle and bustle of the city with the accessibility of everything a person could ever want makes it also stand out. All in all, the two have their flaws with redeeming qualities that almost make you forget all the bad that the world has to offer.

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