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Everyone has their own individual set of learning skills. Some people learn by listening and remembering lectures, by visualizing remembering everything they see, and some people learn hands on. Since the outbreak of Covid schools have not been the same. Students are now attending school by Zoom conference calls and online classes. Online classes used to be optional for college students before the outbreak of Covid but now the majority of classes are mandatory zoom calls. Covid has put a great number of students at risk of a failed education. Schools cannot fully open backup because of students being at risk of the CoronaVirus. Some parents have the option to send their children in or learn from home. Since covid hasn’t gotten any better some parents are concerned about their children passing the next grade. Learning in a regular classroom and learning from home is not the same. Children who learn visually, hands on, and student to teacher are at risk of failing.

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                   When learning in a classroom students are able to ask questions, follow examples, and take notes at a steady pace. Learning doesn’t feel rushed, boring, or useless. Teachers are able to pay attention to each student without interruptions or distractions. Teachers can work with students one on one if they need to and learn the different learning styles of students. Some teachers pay attention to their students and try different techniques to better their education. Students have more of their own voice when they are face to face with their teacher, they tend to follow instructions more, listen, and take classes seriously. In classrooms, teachers are able to make learning fun and interesting for students. There is a different activity everyday and better opportunities. When students are not attending classes regularly teachers notice and take action differently. Some teachers may call the police and Zoom teachers are mainly calling home. If a student is enrolled in class and is not attending regularly a call home should not be an only option.

             Zoom classes are much different because students are distracted, asleep, or barely learning. It is true that students fall asleep in regular classrooms but not that often. Zoom classes call for comfort, laziness, and low attendance. Some students aren’t attending class because they find it difficult and some are just not attending because they find it useless. Zoom classes can be annoying especially when students are attending class from bed. Some students answer the roll, turn their mic off, camera off , set an alarm, and then go back to bed while teachers are lecturing. Inside classrooms desks are mandatory and sleeping cause for citations. During zoom meetings there are students who never talk unless they are answering attendance. Teachers will never know if they are learning or just there to be there. Homework assignments are limited.

            Zoom meetings and inside classroom learning may be different but they are similar in some ways. Students answer attendance in both settings, they skip classes in both settings, some students may answer or ask questions, and some students may fall asleep. Even though they both have their similarities they are still fairly different. I personally feel like Zoom classes are unnecessary because I honestly don’t learn during them. I am too focused on sleep, eating, or when the class is going to end. I normally learn face to face amongst my teachers and when something is written on the board. Powerpoints aren’t useful because I normally write down everything but the important things. Power points are available on Zoom but that doesn’t always mean students are taking notes. Inside classrooms teachers are able to write on the board in a way where students are able to understand.

                         Students that learn hands on are at risk of failing academic and athletic wise. The majority of students who attend school are not just there for an education. Some students play volleyball, football, baseball , basketball, and other athletic sports for scholarship money. Scholarship money is just one of the many reasons students play sports. Students who don’t think they can become scientists, doctors, or teachers use their athletic talent in hopes of becoming rich. Teachers aren’t the only ones students look forward to learning from. There is always a particular coach for each sport. Some students are naturally talented and some seek practice or help the best way they can.

              Teaching should not be done virtually. Teachers should be able to interact with their students in a learning safe environment. Many students are embarrassed because they are not in a proper learning environment. Some students don’t have parents with manners, a clean learning space, or a decent meal to look forward to. There are some students who come to school just to escape their reality at home. Zoom meetings aren’t the best option due to internet connection. A lot of parents are struggling to pay bills and possibly cannot afford WIFI. Students should not feel stressed, the risk of failing, and stripped of an honest education.  Being in a regular classroom setting is the best thing for students and teachers.

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