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Comparing and contrasting different aspects between Mexico and U.S, for me results really interesting, to see and learn how two countries, which are really close between them, in the same continent, have totally different forms of living. Because I have lived in Mexico for 15 years and then now I’m living in the U.S. I can really tell what these Cultural, Education, Economic, and Social aspects look like, and compare with both sides.

Cultural Aspects

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries talking about cultural aspects. There is a variety of Customs & traditions, celebrations, food, religion, historical background, etc. When you go there, you can find all kinds of food and drinks (tacos, enchiladas, tequila, etc.). For popular holidays and celebrations, you can find “El Dia de Los Muertos” (the day of the dead, Nov 02), Independency day (September 15), “5 de mayo”, etc.

In the United States, I feel like it has a combination of different cultures around the world, probably because of the constant migration of people coming from other countries, but that’s what makes the U.S really special, you can find anything you want to, it doesn’t matter where you came from (Italian food, Chinese food, Mexican food, etc.). In contrast with Mexico, they celebrate “Halloween” (Oct 31), Independence Day (July 04), Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc.


The educations in Mexico it’s pretty different from the education in the United States, in my experience, it depends on your economic status, or in what part of Mexico you’re, to have a good education, so you could not have the same opportunities as everyone else, you can find the way to finish with your education, but it won’t be easy. I went into a normal public school in Mexico, and then when I got in the U.S and I started going to school, you can really tell the difference between them. It’s a different system of education, you can learn the same things but I would be different in the way of teaching. In Mexico, it’s more like a traditional school and then in the U.S is more Modern. The U.S has more resources to invest in their education. They have better and complete schools. Comparing for example Mississippi, which it’s not one of the best states in the U.S ranking about education, in Mexico probably, would be.


There is a real difference between the two systems of government between Mexico and the U.S. It is true that in the United States it’s easier to find good jobs; you could have better healthcare programs, and good government economic helps. Also, you can see a difference in the infrastructure, roads, and other aspects of society. What I mean is that Mexico has really nice places but most of them are in the biggest cities. Another important aspect it’s security, Mexico is known for constantly having troubles with it. But I honestly believe that crime is everywhere, it may be more controlled in the United States, but it still exists, in all the years that I lived in Mexico I never encountered such a situation like that, probably because you will find problems only if you look for them.

Social Aspects

Living in Mexico and living in the United States is really different, from other cultures and with other ways of growing up, Mexican parents are very religious, they teach you to always be kind and to help other people, of course, in the United States most of the people are really kind to you, but in Mexico, they are more affectionate, all the time greeting you and hugging you, with this, it is very difficult for a person in Mexico to say no to you when you ask for a favor. In some parts of Mexico, like towns or small cities, you may not need your car to go where you need it, everyone will know you and everyone will be very sociable with you. In the United States of course you need a car to travel anywhere, it is a little different because everyone lives in their same routine every day, and in Mexico, they make it easier and give greater importance to spending time with friends and family members, for something it is well known that in Mexico they are always partying and celebrating for everything.

Mexico and the United States share some similarities and are different in other aspects but each country is very special, each one is made up of different cultures and social aspects of life (from the language, the way of dressing, the food, the celebrations, etc.) that characterize and distinguish them from the others. It is really interesting to know both sides on your own, to be there and experience all the feelings, sensations, and good times that both cultures give you.

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