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Every child in this world has a mom and dad. In parenting they play different roles, but seem to have similar characteristics, doesn’t mean they aren’t different though. My dad seems to be the easy going type of gu y who acts real childish, while my mom is the enforcer of the law if you will and likes to have control. My mom and 1 have similar characteristics in the way we have a temper sometimes, but yet we couldn’t be any more different, we have nothing in common other than the way we act. My dad and 1 are like brothers, we hax’e a ton of stuff in common, sports, taste in music, and even relate to one another in social situations. One thing they will always have in common is their unconditional love for me.

My dad is the good cop in the family, whenever 1 want something 1 go to him and ask first. My dad and 1 have grown extremely close the older 1 got, we’ve always been close, but when 1 became a senior is when things really changed. For the most part of my child hr›nd my dad was never, and still isn’t the parent who yells at me or even give me a punishment. My dad and 1 have been going to state games since 1 can imagine, and the SEC tournament was coming up. lt was the first day of the tournament and we are watching the games, 1 mentioned how it would be so cool to go to that one day. lt was day two of the tournament and state was playing at three o’clock, it was on a Saturday and my dad wakes me up at around eleven. “Grayson pack your things, we are going to Hoover,” my dad told me as 1 was half asleep still. My would never even consider taking a out of the blue trip. She is the type of person that has to plan things out for a few weeks and she has to do all the planning. 1 almost forgot to mention that when we returned from the tournament, there was one unhappy mother waiting for us. Lets just say my dad got an ear full and was put in “dog house”.

My mom lays down the law in the household. She is the one that tells my dad what chores he needs to do around the house on his day off, also tells me what to do. She loves to feel like she has control over everything, that’s why she basically gives out the discipline in the house. My dad never grounds me, he never yells at me, hardly gets mad at me, on the other hand my mom is al ways the one telling me my punishment is for what 1 did. The way you really can tell who runs the house, is if you ask your dad for permission of something, and his answer 90 percent of the time is, “I’m not sure buddy, go ask Mom.” My mom is supper protective over me, always has been and always will be. She never bought junk food or anything like that, my dad would always bring me home some snacks and told me not to tell Mom. The best was when 1 went on a cruise and my dad and 1 shared a bucket of Red Stripe Jamaican beer together on the deck of the ship.

1 have a good relationship with both my parents, they are just really different types of relationships. My dad treats me more like a friend, but still keeps it within the appropriate boundaries most of the time. My mom still treats me like 1’m eight years old and wants to control every aspect of my life. On the other hand, my dad realizes that they did a gocd enough job raising me that 1 know what is right and what is wrong. 1 really and truly never get in trouble, when 1 get in trouble lt’s from something as pointless as not picking up my room or something. I will give you one guess on who grounds me for these senseless things, you guessed it my mom.

My parents might be extremely different people, but one thing is for sure they both love me to the moon and back. They would do anything in the world for me. My mom spent four years going from state to state to spend thousands of dollars, for her to have her only son. My dad at one pnint tcink on two jobs when times were tough so he could put me through the baseball camps 1 wanted to go to when 1 was younger. 1 never asked for these things, 1 love my parents regardless of who is the strict parent versus the relaxed parent. My mom might not take me on surprise trips or go to state games with me, but she’ll tell me to pick up my room in a heartbeat. No parent is better than the other, the y are just different and different is ok with me.

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