Siblings Comparison Essay

My Siblings

Siblings can be your brother or sister by blood or marriage. Siblings are great at times because you always have someone to hang out with and talk to. I was the only child until I was about three years old before my brother was born. My mom decided to have one more, when I was eight years old. My brother’s name is Jushad and my sister’s name is Jacsyn (pronounced Jackson). As you can see, all of our names start with the letter J. Although we have some similarities, we are also very different hobby choices, physical appearances, personalities and education.

siblings comparison essay

Jushad is 14 years old. He likes to play games such as NBA 2k21, Fortnite, and Need for Speed with his friends on PlayStation. He also likes to go outside sometimes and play basketball in the backyard. Although he enjoys his family, I think overall my brother enjoys doing anything that involves his friends. My sister, on the other hand, is not like that. Jacsyn is 9 years old. She likes to watch YouTube on her iPad.  She enjoys watching Roblox animations, family YouTube channels, and Dance Moms. Although she enjoys watching YouTube, she also enjoys playing a variety of different games. She likes to play Roblox and Among Us. When she isn’t playing a game on her iPad, she is on a drawing app making many different creations. She does everything by herself and rarely plays with others.

My siblings have both different and similar physical appearances. Jushad is tall with a medium build. He is about 5’7 and weighs 143 lbs. He has thick black hair. He has an oblong shaped head with a wide nose. His smile brightens up the room with his dimples. In comparison to Jushad, my sister is more on the shorter and chunkier side. She is about 4’7 and weighs 116 pounds. She also has thick hair, but it is brown. She has a smaller nose. She also has a pretty smile with dimples like my brother. They both share the same thick and bushy eyebrows. Even with the different physical characteristics you can still tell they are siblings.

Although they have some similar physical characteristics, their personalities are totally opposite. Jushad is an introvert. He rarely comes out of his room. He talks very quiet and rarely yells. When he is upset, he doesn’t show it. He is more on the shyer side than Jacysn. He doesn’t do well when it comes to meeting new people. He closes up and shuts himself out from the rest of the world. Jacysn, on the other hand, is an extrovert. You can hear her from a mile away. You call her name and she yell “YES!?” She does good with meeting new people and being in different environments. She will make the entire room laugh. She is goofy and clumsy unlike Jushad. She makes friends very easily. Jacysn is the type to walk up to somebody and become their friend by just simply introducing herself. Jacysn doesn’t back down from a fight while Jushad shies away from conflict. Jacsyn is determined in everything she does including school unlike Jushad who doesn’t put forth an effort.

Education is very important in our household but takes a toll on them in different ways. Jushad has a harder time in school than Jacysn. Jushad has Attention Deficit Disorder which causes him to think of school differently. He hates the thought of school. He comes up with every excuse for not completing his work or excuses for staying home. The thought of school gives him anxiety. Our mom constantly receives emails and messages from different teachers regarding his performance in class. His grade always varies, but majority all never good. Our parents constantly have to get on to him about not doing his work. On the other hand, Jacysn enjoys school. She gets excited about learning new information and if she doesn’t know she will definitely ask. If she has homework, she’ll come home and do it right away without anyone having to nag her about it. Her grades are mostly A’s and B’s, but her least favorite subject is Reading, and she tends to struggle. Jacysn tends to be the teacher’s “class pet” in class. Teachers love her creativity and her spunky personality.

If I had to pick the sibling most like myself, it would be Jacsyn. We are both extroverts and love going places. We are both short like our mother, but I have an athletic build from cheerleading. We share the same brown hair and skin complexion. We both enjoy YouTube and can watch it for hours, but that is also the only hobby we share. We also both excel in school.

Siblings bring a family together with both their differences and similarities. We are alike enough for others to know we are siblings but different enough to be our own individual. My parents does a great job of not comparing us and allowing us to grow in our own ways. Although we are different at times, I can honestly say I have the best siblings in the world.

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