English 111 Reflective Essay Example

Reflecting on My English 111 Journey

A Path to Improved Writing


My passion for great writing led me to taking English 111 course. I believe it was one of the best decisions for my academic English 111 Reflective Essay Example  journey since it was a very transformative experience. Throughout this course I learned to devise rhetorical strategies, conduct thorough analysis, understand thesis development and became more aware of the audience. Furthermore, this course allowed me to explore different genres of writing, refine my writing skills and get an in-depth understanding of how the writing process works. In this reflective English 111 Reflective Essay Example I would be discussing key insights and personal growth opportunities that I came across throughout the course.

Developing Writing Skills

When I started English 111, I had the basic knowledge of writing but somehow lacked the confidence in my writing skills. With the help of this course, I was able to polish my writing skills and gain more confidence in my writing skills since this course provided me with a structured framework to follow. By practicing assignments, essays and feedback from my peers, I am now capable of composing clear and organized essays, using proper punctuation and grammar along with developing structured arguments. Also, with the consistent guidance from my instructor and resources that I was equipped with, helped me grasp the essence of effective writing. I feel I have grown exponentially since I can now construct thesis statements proficiently, can format ideas in a logical manner, and can provide relevant references to support my claims.

Exploring Different Writing Genres

Throughout the course I was exposed to numerous writing genres including research documents, descriptive essays, personal narratives and argumentative essays. This was my favorite part of the course since I got to explore so many new things. This diversity in learning has been pivotal because it helped me broaden my writing repertoire and gain more understanding of how each genre required a distinctive approach and a specific set of skills. Let me share some examples to further clarify, I learned that in order to write well crafted argumentative essays, I need to have a persuasive tone while writing. Also, I learned that if I present compelling evidence and counter arguments, it will strengthen my standing. Furthermore, I realized that if I want my personal narratives to connect to the readers, I need to rely on the power of storytelling. By sharing my emotions and personal experiences while writing personal narratives, I could establish a deep connection with the audience that would strike the emotional chord.

The Writing Process

This course has taught me the importance of in depth understanding of writing, that it is not a linear process but in fact is composed of a series of steps that include pre-writing, making drafts, writing, revising, editing and finally proofreading. This understanding of the writing process has helped me become more organized and eventually added to me being an effective writer.

The Prewriting Activities

During this course I have realized that prewriting activities such as creating and outline and brainstorming are crucial for organizing the thoughts before penning them on paper. The continuous improvement of revising and editing the write-up has taught me to critically analyze the content and improve it for clarity and coherence.

Peer Feedback and Collaboration

In my view, opting for the English 111 course was a good option because it encouraged me to collaborate with peers and get their feedback. It gave me different sets of eyes with different viewpoints. These distinctive perspectives benefitted me with constructive criticism and gaining insight into my weak areas as a writer. Also, when the roles were reversed and I got to provide feedback to others, I developed the ability to evaluate and analyze content.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Initially, when I took over the English 111 course, I struggled quite a bit with writer’s block, which is a common challenge for writers. But as I progressed further in the course, I learned to overcome writer’s block with effective strategies. The prewriting activities mentioned above such as brainstorming and outlining were tools that helped me greatly in developing creative ideas and breaking through roadblocks. I have learned the best way to fight a writer’s block is to simply start writing. In the beginning, the words may seem vague and disconnected but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Once I started writing the thoughts became clear and my writing came more naturally. This newfound ability to overcome the writer’s block not only improved my writing skills but also increased my overall confidence as a writer.

Voice and Authenticity

One thing that I am delighted about taking the English 111 course is that it helped me find my distinctive voice as a writer, which is something that I truly appreciate. I understood that effective writing goes way beyond sentence structure and grammar, it requires an authentic, confident and engaging voice that is relatable to the readers. Throughout this course I got to experiment with different styles and different tones before I finally discovered the one voice that is in sync with my writing style. I understood that the more I infuse my personality and perspective into my content, the more relatable it becomes that eventually grasps the attention of the reader.


Finally, I would like to reiterate how opting for the English 111 course has shaped up my personality by  making me more confident and proficient as a writer. I am now capable enough to approach writing with a purpose and guideline in mind. Also, I am equipped with the right tools and skills that would help me write in different contexts and genres. Furthermore, the course has significantly enhanced my academic writing along with improving my communication skills which would help me in my personal as well as professional life. By the end of this English 111 course, I feel accomplished and committed to experience growth as a writer. I do not find writing overwhelming now, but instead I am keen to refine it as I grow in the field.
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