Self Reflection Essay Examples

Example of a Self Reflection Essay

Strengths, Values and Perseverance Shape Your Personality

Over the years, through the highs and lows life has got me through, I have been fortunate enough to understand my personality as an individual. Now, I am more aware of my strengths that I can thrive on and my weaknesses that need to be

Self Reflection Essay Examples

 worked on. I have a better understanding of how I can learn, unlearn and relearn things. All these factors add up to my overall personality.

As simple as it may sound, a self reflection essay is not as easy as it may seem. When you fully immerse yourself in the thought process, it may seem challenging. Think of self assessment essay as an experiential journey where you impart the experience you have gained and the ideas that you have come up with, over the years. A self reflection essay is a personal piece of writing that narrates your experiences. Let’s have a look at the key elements that make up a English self reflection essay for students.

Strengths, Motivators, Values and Personality

It is key to understand your strengths and make ways to thrive on them. Once you highlight your strong attributes, you get to values, the stable goals that are set in life and the most important factors to an individual.

To me, self-respect is of utmost importance. I am proud of who I am today, irrespective of the poor decisions that I have made in life. I don’t have any regrets, as each of those decisions gave me a life lesson.

Today, as an individual, I exhibit confidence, I am flexible with an open mind, I respect my seniors and am respectful towards my peers and those who are younger than me. I have an optimistic attitude and believe life is too short to be a pessimist.

Besides the positive attitude that i have towards life i wouldn’t say that i have it all figured out, it’s a complex phenomenon. Primarily which is why I have this curiosity that makes me question the surroundings, the good and the bad that happens.

As an individual, I am always punctual. I like to go out but am not very social. I feel socializing makes me anxious, especially when it’s a total stranger on the other end. But whenever I do interact with people, I make sure that I am honest about who I am and try to give the other individual the space he/she needs to feel comfortable communicating.

Talking about positive experiences in life, I have had a chance to get quite a few of them when I graduated from college, when I got my first promotion at work and when I bought myself a home. Such cherishable memories.

My college experience was life altering, I understood my potential and my tolerance threshold that added to my confidence level. I also learned how to handle different social situations and to have an open mind that accepts imperfections in people, everyone has their own special strengths. These are some of the factors that further helped me thrive at my workplace and lead me to getting my first house ever.

As a normal person, I have had my share of challenging moments as well. Recession hit us hard, but it was the hardest when I was laid off and lost a loved one. It was the darkest time of my life where I felt a gush of emotions, sad, angry, lonely and in denial. I was upset at everyone, even God and blamed myself for every single thing that had happened in this time.

I was devastated, but time heals everything. I was lucky enough to get  myself out of this darkness and rediscover myself. However, the experiences shaped me into the person I am today. It was only because of the positive attitude and self belief that I was able to find learning lessons in such difficult times and came out as a better improved version of myself.

My family is very supportive and the driving factor behind my motivation. My parents and siblings encourage me to live life to the fullest and that everyday counts. With my positive attitude, I want to bring positive changes in the society that have a lasting effect. Everyday is an opportunity for me to learn something new and grow simultaneously.

Perseverance is Key to a Content Life

It is my belief that if I keep up the optimistic approach, I will be able to impact society in a positive manner. Also, I want to clarify when I talk about changing the society, it’s not the society as a whole, but in fact impacting few individuals who will be inspired to lead a better life.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out – Robert Collier

I believe that success is a journey and not a destination. Success is that realization in the morning that someone somewhere is leading a better life because I was able to make a difference. This satisfying feeling that I get by helping others experience a change is what leads me to my leadership journey.

In my role as a leader, I am able to bring about that change in people that makes people’s lives healthier, more secure and satisfied.

Key Elements that Shape up a Good Leader

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a key trait in a leader. It helps manage strong emotions such as fear, anger and sadness. These emotions are usually triggered by the loss of a loved one, or a series of difficult events in life. When an individual is emotionally intelligent, he/she is better equipped to manage themselves and the ones around them because they are self-aware. Emotional intelligence fosters empathy, the ability to put oneself in other people’s shoes and understand things from their view point.

Values and Personality

The values of an individual and the kind of personality they have decides if they can be shaped into leaders. If someone aspires to be a leader, that individual ought to have certain traits that are in sync with the organizational structure and the job description. The attributes I bring to my leadership style include self-respect, flexibility, open-mindedness, family values and the ability to move past things make me suitable for the role of a leader.

Conclusion – The Journey Ahead

The bottom line is that the surroundings and experiences of an individual shapes up the personality of an individual. There are different factors that support this phenomenon that include strength, motivational factors and values. If a person is flexible enough, he/she can adapt to the changing environment and thrive in life. In order to do that, one needs to have empathy, a yearning to learn and good social skills. Life has taught me a lot of things so far with different experiences in life, and I look forward to the journey ahead after writing my self-assessment essay



Critical Self Reflection Essay Example

My Journey Towards Personal Growth


Writing a Self reflection is a crucial factor of personal development because it helps the individual to highlight their strengths to thrive on and identify weaknesses to mark areas for improvement. One of the key advantages of critical self reflection is that you get

 a very clear understanding of yourself. Very often we hold on to preconceived things about ourselves without ensuring their credibility. When we undergo a critical self evaluation, we get to challenge these assumptions and get a clear perspective on things.

This critical self reflection essay sample will shed light on my journey that led to personal growth. By writing this essay I aim to analyze my experiences and the choices that I made so I can better understand what factors added to the learning process and what steps I took to refine myself and get to the place where I am today.

The Journey Towards Personal Growth

Highlighting Areas of Improvement

When I started my self-reflection journey, the first thing that popped up was that I tend to procrastinate. Whether it was about a simple task of completing the assignment or something bigger like achieving personal goals, I had a habit of leaving things to the last day. I realized, whenever I took this approach I not only compromised my ability to perform but also was not able to perform to the best of my potential. I had so much that I could do to add value.

Seeking Personal Growth

Once I highlighted my weakness, I realized this needed to change. I started looking for ways and strategies actively that would help me overcome this tendency to procrastinate. I attended some time-management workshops, read articles and books on how to increase productivity and sought guidance from individuals who overcame this problem successfully. Luckily, all my efforts put to use lead me to develop organizational skills, align task with respect to priority and eventually a more productive me. I am proud of myself.

Taking New Challenges Head On

Further, to support my personal growth, I understood that I am not flexible enough to step out of my comfort zone, that had to change. I purposely sought after challenging tasks academically, personally and professionally. At first the fear of the unknown was overwhelming for me but then I quickly learned to adapt to different situations and was able to solve problems effectively. This practice helped me build resilience.

Developing Self Awareness

Once I developed the sense of self awareness, it altered my life and acted as a key factor towards my personal growth journey. During the critical reflective analysis of my thoughts I was very conscious of my thinking process, the emotions I was feeling and my actions.

It is during this reflective process I noticed that I also have negative emotions such as fear of failure or self doubt. All of which are natural but not normal if I let them persist. When I realized this, I started taking proactive measures to take them head on by addressing them. Since I was now aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I was more regulated and could make decisions in an effective manner that would in turn add value to my personal growth.

Accepting Constructive Criticism Gracefully

The ability to receive feedback and embrace criticism in a positive manner is important for the growth of an individual. At first, I was offended easily and found embracing criticism very challenging, but now that I have learned the importance of criticism and how it helps me improve my personality and refine my skills, I have learned to accept it gracefully and wholeheartedly. Now I pay full attention to the feedback, listen carefully, perform an objective analysis and then implement the changes that are necessary to improve my performance as an individual.

Enhance the Ability to Empathize

During this journey of critical self reflection I learned that it has enhanced my ability to empathize with others. As I engaged myself into questioning my own bias, I paid more attention to how other people feel and think, their perspective mattered to me.

This led me to gain deeper insight into the complex thought process and behavioral patterns of humans and how several factors add to shaping it. This new sense of being empathetic helped me build stronger relationships and communicate as well as collaborate with others. It enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and have a wider view of people’s thought process with diverse perspectives.

Self-Care is of Utmost Importance

Throughout, this critical reflective analysis has been a great learning point for me and made me realize that selfcare is of utmost importance. I need to pay heed to my physical and mental well being only then can I strive for positive personal growth.

To inculcate self-care into my routine, I started practicing mindful techniques, added physical exercise to my routine and made sure I took proper rest so that my body gets to relax.

The effects of adding these to my routine were amazing, not only did my body and mind feel relaxed but also boosted my productivity level and the overall outlook on life.

The Final Say – Conclusion

Lastly, it is important to note that personal growth is not a one time thing. Individuals need to adapt themselves according to their changing environments. By conducting a critical self reflection analysis I have realized that I have set on a transformative journey that will add to my personal growth by making me more productive.

Through this amazing  journey I was able to highlight my strengths, mark my areas of improvement, sought personal growth, challenged myself, became more self aware and accepted constructive criticism which led me to become a better version of myself. I believe success is not a destination but a continuous journey. I look forward to this fruitful and life altering journey where I get a chance to grow in all aspects of life.


Self Reflection Essay On Group Work Example


Self reflection on a group work can be explained as the voluntary collaboration of members who benefit from cooperative learning that enhances the overall output of the activity in comparison to if it was done individually. As beneficial as it is, working in groups can be quite challenging as well. Each member may have a different perspective and may not agree on the same thing.

Group work is fundamental for professional and academic life. Building connections via collaboration, it promotes different viewpoints and provides opportunities that lead to individual and collective growth. I had the opportunity to take part in a group project for my Sociology course recently where I had a challenging yet enlightening experience.

In this English self reflection essay on group work I will do an analysis of the role i played within the group, how did the dynamics change and what lessons did i get to learn on this valuable journey.

Overview of the Project and Group Composition

We formed a group of four members, each of the members coming from a different background, each exhibiting a different skill set and each of them having a different perspective on things. The project required a research study to be performed on a local social issue and then presenting the project findings to the class.

This project was challenging because it required creativity, critical thinking, effective collaboration and coordination. Moreover, we were able to apply the classroom knowledge in theory to practical use in a hands-on situation.

My Role and Value Additions

It was decided during the early stage of the project that I would be the group leader. This role came with a lot of responsibility where I had to manage meetings, set deadlines and ensure smooth communication among team members. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about taking on such a big responsibility but then I realized it is a chance for me to learn and would help in my personal growth. I am glad I took the decision to continue because I learned effective communication skills, better time management skills and was also able to devise conflict resolution strategies.

Additionally, while I managed all these responsibilities as a leader, I supported my team by actively participating in conducting research. While I was at it, I enjoyed conducting interviews, data collection and data analysis. It was such a wonderful experience where I got to witness the strength of working in a team and how each of our individual efforts added to the comprehensive understanding of the project.

Dynamics and Challenges of the Group

When different people work together, conflicts and challenges are imminent. Just like any other group working as a team, ours had our own set of challenges. One of the most prominent issues that arose was about the direction of our research, different members have different opinions. While these differences of opinions created some tension in the group we soon realized that our distinctive viewpoints can help add value to our study. Instead of negating the opinions, we strategized and integrated them in our analysis.

Another major challenge for us was to align our variable schedules so that we all can sit together and work on the project. Furthermore, maintaining a balance between coursework, personal commitments and this project was quite overwhelming. In order to overcome this problem we decided to create a shared calendar online where everyone can see the team’s schedule. Also, each team member was considerate and flexible when it came to meeting schedules.

The Learning Experience

While working in the group as a team, I have gained the following experiences and insights:

  • Development as a Leader: In my role as a group leader I learned several skills that helped me develop into a good leader, these include organizing meetings, delegation of work and conflict management. In this role I realized that to become an effective leader I had to juggle between guiding the group and developing a collaborative environment.
  • Diverse Perspectives: I realized if a group leader embraces diversity and respects the different backgrounds then a rich and well curated outcome can be achieved. The best thing about different perspectives was that it forced us to see one thing with several angles, this critical analysis led to a more enhanced, quality oriented research.
  • Effective Communication: In any team or a group, communication is key. Clear, concise, and regular communication helped us in overcoming challenges quickly and effectively. Also, it maintained a sense of unity and harmony in the group.
  • Flexibility: It was essential to adapt to different working styles. Each of the group members exhibited great understanding of the fact that diversity would help reach us more comprehensive solutions.
  • Conflict Management: What caused tension in the beginning soon became our strength where we solved conflicts effectively. We no longer avoided disagreements but welcomed them as they helped improve our decisions.
  • Time Management: Without a doubt, balancing work and individual roles is challenging. I managed tasks by prioritizing them which helped me in timely delivery.

Conclusion / The Last Word

Working as a group has been a great learning experience that has played a vital and pivotal role in my academic journey. This project served as a growth opportunity personally and professionally. Through the process, I also understood how collaboration and adaptability along with effective communication can take your project to a whole new level, in varying circumstances.

Besides the conflicts and the tension created by being diverse members, I learned to appreciate the value of diverse perspectives. Also, I understood that diversity brings in more effective solutions to complex problems. Going forward, these lessons helped boost my confidence which would add value to future group collaborations both academically and professionally.

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