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Student Reflection Essay Example # 1:

A Journey of Compassion and Growth

Reflections of a Nursing Medical Student


The world of the internet is full of self reflection essay examples for students to take reference from and come up with a reflective essay for themselves. This is one of the student reflective essay examples where I will be talking about reflections of a nursing medical student. So if you are a nursing student looking for ways to reflect on your experiences, this example would help you write one for yourself.Student Reflection Essay Examples In this reflective essay, I will elaborate on what I have learned from taking a nursing course. I will be talking about my experiences in the past 12 weeks and how taking this course helped me in my journey. As I take you with me on a journey as a medical student, I would like to emphasize on how profoundly the course has impacted my life, both personally as well as personally. It is no secret that the road to becoming a nurse is bumpy and has its challenges. What many people fail to understand is the silver lining it has in terms of compassion and the dedication towards the well-being of others.

The Foundation of Compassion

This student nurse reflective essay starts with a strong belief in the power of compassion. I had this strong sense of responsibility from day one that choosing a career in nursing is not just a choice but in fact it is the compassion to be there for others in their weak moments. This career choice comes with great responsibility where I had to commit to provide care, impart empathy and extend comfort for those who need it. I remember my first clinical rotation as clear as day, it was a busy hospital. As soon as I entered the ward, I felt a gush of emotions at the sight and sound that surrounded the place. That day is etched in my memory because that day, I understood my role to the core and that it comes with great responsibility. In that moment, I was present, I was there to comfort the patients and their loved ones.

Clinical Experiences

My role required extensive training, the clinical experiences I came across were challenging yet transformative. My role as a nursing medical student had no bounds and I was responsible to tend to people from all age groups, , from babies to elderly people, each one with a unique medical history, story and needs. Also, I got to see the resilient side of the human race when it came to adversity and illness. I was deeply touched by a sentimental moment where I had to care for an elderly patient of mine, who could see her entire life flash in front of her eyes in her last moments. I extended a comforting hand and listened to her childhood stories and fond memories. It is then when I realized that as a nurse, I am responsible for both physical and emotional well-being of my patients. This incident showed me the holistic side of nursing care.

The Role of Reflection

Times shifted and soon reflective practice became a vital part of my journey, this student nurse reflection essay in view is a result of this practice too. Logging my learnings, reflecting on my actions, interactions with patients, questioning my decisions became a habit after every clinical experience. These moments of introspection, highlighted areas for growth and advancement. After reflecting I was in a better position to appreciate the impact of communication in nursing. When I say communication, it not only means passing information, but in fact bonding with the patients, reflecting empathy and listening to their concerns wholeheartedly. This skill helped me in the long run because it built trust and rapport with the patients who were under my care.

Challenges and Resilience

When I decided to pursue being a nurse, I knew the career choice comes with its own set of challenges. The working hours would be long, I may encounter emotionally draining situations and the flexibility to quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances can be overly demanding, exhausting and overwhelming. Irrespective of the challenges, these opportunities helped my personal growth by making me more resilient. It is evident that my job is very stressful, so I learned how to manage stress and take care of myself too so that I don’t get exhausted. I did ask for support from my mentors and peers in the regard, they were happy to share their experiences and guide me through. Help, support and guidance from this large network of health professionals who made me feel comfortable as part of the community added to my strength and helped me persevere.

The Privilege of Learning

Perks of being a nursing medical student gave me the privilege of gaining knowledge and experience from senior nurses and healthcare professionals who were willing to share their learnings with me. Their support and mentorship added so much value to my experience, it helped me polish my clinical skills and helped me understand different angles of nursing practice including ethical and moral values. I understood how important it was to advocate the patient’s rights and provide care that was culturally sensitive and held to the highest standards of healthcare. These lifelong lessons were pivotal in shaping my professional identity as a nurse.


To conclude this student nurse reflective essay, my journey as a nursing medical student is filled with gratitude as this course gave me a purpose and meaning to my ambitions. Nursing is not just a profession but a platform where I can make a difference in other people‚Äôs lives. It is a lifelong journey of compassion, empathy, growth and utmost dedication to caring for other individuals and communities. Equipped with the expertise and skills I learned through the course, I look forward to my journey ahead, i am sure they will be filled with challenges as well as building a deep connection with my patients. I am wholeheartedly committed to this journey which is a great learning experience where I can practice reflection and serve the community knowing that by just being present, day in and day out, I can make a positive impact on the world. This is just the beginning of my journey, but by the looks of it, the lessons, experiences and values that I carry, will help nurture me into a nurse who is dedicated, committed and compassionate.   Student Reflection Essay Example # 2:

Navigating the College Years | A Student’s Reflection


There is no one way to write a self reflection essay for students, it is very subjective in nature and varies from student to student. However when writing a reflective essay on your journey as a student it is imperative to note that you stick to the topic, keep the information relevant, use a professional tone, elaborate on your experience, highlight the key learnings and make sure that your opinions are connected and in sync.Student Reflection Essay Example College years of a student are pivotal in their life. Through these years, a student experiences personal growth by being exposed to diverse academics and independence. Students get to realize what their strengths are, where they can improve and explore their full potential. Also, it is the phase in life where students learn to take full responsibility for their actions. As I begin to pen down the reflection on my own college journey, I am reminded of the hardships I faced and the valuable lessons I learned, all of which have shaped me into the individual I am and set me enroute to self-discovery and future perspectives.

Embracing Academic Curiosity

One of the most significant college experiences for me has been the chance to explore a diverse range of academic disciplines. The liberty to choose courses spread across different specialties gave me the opportunity to explore intellectual things that I am curious about. From Arts to Science and Literature to Mathematics, I got a chance to explore the rich knowledge that each field had to offer. I clearly remember the literature course that I took, it familiarized me with the work of different authors belonging to different backgrounds. In the classroom setting, I found out the power of storytelling, and how it helps bridging the cultural divide and inculcate empathy. This course specifically caught my attention and I developed a passion for literature because it was in sync with my perspective of the world.

The Importance of Resilience

It is a known fact that college life brings in a lot of personal and academic challenges. Facing these challenges taught me to be resilient. These were the times when I found the coursework to be overwhelming because of what it demanded off me at that time. Instead of losing hope and giving in to my anxiety, I sought help from my colleagues, professors and academic resources. In addition to the academic challenges, I was also faced with personal challenges that required me to be emotionally resilient. I learned time management so that I am able to juggle between college life, part time work and maintain my relationships. This ability to adapt to different situations and manage time would have taken a toll on my health, so I learned to take care of my physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Cultivating Lifelong Friendships

A students reflection on their learning essay about college years offers a ground where friendships thrive and last a lifetime. I was no different, I got to meet some amazing individuals , each with a diverse background, a distinctive perspective and life story. Meeting such a diverse bunch of people, I got to learn about different cultures, languages, values and norms that expanded my horizons and added richness to my college experience. When I was doing a group project during the course, I realized it requires teamwork and problem solving skills, that’s where my friendships came in handy. Collaborating as a team we worked on the project to complete it, each of us brought our strengths to the table. This showed collective effort and effective communication can do wonders and that connections made during the college years are useful throughout life.

The Pursuit of Passions

College is a superb platform where you explore your passions and interests, you highlight your strengths and weaknesses and learn things that go beyond the walls of the classroom. During my stay at the college, I tried out different extracurricular activities that helped me explore my areas of interest in meaningful ways. I took my shot at community service, joined the student organization and followed some interesting  creative groups. Participating in different activities helped me find a purpose in life in a meaningful manner. Working as a volunteer for a local non-profit organization is where I made my most favorite memories. During my service, I experienced a sense of fulfillment that I got by contributing to my community. I realized that college is not about personal growth only but you get a chance to make a positive impact on the society and the community we live in.

The Journey Continues

Moving closer to my graduation, I feel confident that my college journey has prepared me well for the challenges and further opportunities that I may encounter in the future. These years have equipped me with the right skills, impeccable knowledge and resilience that would positively contribute to my dreams as well as the society. I feel gratitude and a sense of excitement as I move forward in life. I have fully enjoyed my college journey and took advantage of the opportunities for advancement with academic exploration, self-discovery and personal growth. I have developed a yearning for learning, became resilient and appreciate the network of friends that I have built during my stay.


Finally to wrap up I would stress on the significance of college years. They are building years of an individual’s life, a place where you pursue academic dreams, learn how to be resilient when faced with challenges and learn the importance of networking while simultaneously shaping our personal and academic journeys. College life helps us navigate through the outside world along with teaching life lessons. It teaches us contentment as we broaden our horizons and find our potential to be useful members of society. It brings out the maturity in us that help shape our personalities. We grow as individuals, cater to people with different personalities and face challenges with a strong mind.
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