UNV 104 Self-Reflection Essay Example

Navigating the UNV 104 Course | A Self-Reflection Essay

If you are looking for a GCU UNV-104 self reflection essay that could guide you on how to come up with your own reflective essay on the subject, you have come to the right place.UNV 104 Self-Reflection Essay Example A UNV 104 course revolves around communication and information literacy. If you are looking to learn different styles to write research papers with APA or GCU, this course will certainly be of great help. Additionally, this course also teaches the significance of time management, motivation and accountability. When you speak to someone, have you ever noticed that their eyes just gloss over and whatever you are saying is just passing through the ears? That’s a typical example of hearing but not listening. In order to resolve a conflict, it is essential that one should communicate effectively and bring people together. Good listening skills are required for better collaboration as well. Now, imagine you are in an online classroom, where you have to communicate with students where you cannot see them to judge their personalities or character. This is where effective communication steps in. To make things easier for you, I will be sharing a self reflection essay UNV 104 with you that will help you write one yourself. Opting for the UNV 104 course has been a great learning experience in my academic journey where I learned to understand valuable insights into critical thinking, effective communication, and personal development. This self reflection essay helps me to conduct deep analysis of my growth throughout the course, highlight key takeaways and the significance of these learnings in my personal and academic life.

Exploring Personal Development

Personal development has been pivotal when it comes to the most important aspects of the UNV 104 course. This course has helped me in highlighting my strengths, identifying my weaknesses and areas of improvement. This self-assessment has worked as a guideline for me in setting the goal and becoming self aware. This course has helped me discover the fact that setting clear objectives and attainable goals is extremely important. This practice has helped me academically as well as personally. These defined and definitive objectives help me stay on track, focused and motivated. Moreover, I have also learned to enjoy small victories throughout my journey. This course has been a reality check for me where I realized that personal growth is a continuous process.

Cultivating Critical Thinking

The UNV 104 course has polished my thinking ability and taught me how to address questions and overcome problems by having a keen eye. In the classroom setting the assignments, group discussions and reading sessions trained me to analyze information, critically evaluate and derive informed solutions. One of the key assignments that made a significant impact was when I had to solve a complex problem and look for multiple viewpoints in order to do so. It was quite the learning lesson because I realized that problems are rarely black and white, they in fact are multifaceted and require in depth consideration. I learned to engage in meaningful and thoughtful discussions which were backed by thorough research, this practice helped me in other courses as well.

The Art of Effective Communication

No matter what the setting, be it academic, personal or professional, effective communication is key. The UNV 104 course stresses on the significance of clear and precise communication through different mediums such as written assignments, discussions and presentations. This course helped me improve my writing skills, learn the importance of structural writing, backing the claims with logical explanation, proofreading and meticulously editing for clarity. Furthermore, the discussion forum allowed me to practice structuring my thoughts in a concise manner while engaging with my colleagues in a respectful manner.

Overcoming Challenges

As rewarding as the UNV 104 course has been, it has also presented with its fair share of challenges and hiccups. Time management was one of my biggest challenges that I had to overcome because it was very exhausting for me to balance the carework and other responsibilities. So I meticulously planned my routine and prioritized my assignments because the fast paced coursework demanded so, and then managed other things accordingly. Flexibility was another challenge I had to face because of my rigid nature, I felt reluctant stepping out of my comfort zone. The concept of online learning was fairly new to me, this course helped me introduce to online education. Initially, I found the transition to be challenging, but as the course progressed, I became more comfortable moving through the virtual classroom setting given the resources available.

The Relevance Beyond the Classroom

One thing that I have appreciated the most about the UNV 104 course is that it has taught me lessons that go way beyond the walls of a classroom. The skills that I learned during the course including critical thinking, personal development and effective communication have practical applications that would help me in life as well. I have not only applied these skills during the course academically but they also helped me in interacting with my colleagues peers and solving problems in different situations.
So to conclude my reflective essay on the UNV 104 course, I would reiterate the importance of the valuable teachings that this course has imparted. This course has been a life altering journey as it has equipped me with key skills that have added to my academic and personal growth. This course has taught me about self-discovery, thinking critically and communicating effectively. These lessons not only helped me in progressing academically but would also come in handy for my future endeavors. As I progress in my career and education, the knowledge and experiences that i have gained from the course will have a lasting impression on my journey of personal and professional development. Also study: Reflection Essay about a Course
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